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Text reading 'How to make your computer 1000x Faster: Top Ten Tips'

How To Make Your Computer Faster: Top Ten Tips

Released: 2024-04-01

Channel: Gordinator

In case you don't get it, this video is 100% serious and legitimate.

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A woman waving her arms at another woman, with the second woman looking concerned; text reads 'IT ALL GOES WRONG'

The Sims 3 But Everyone Dies A Horrible Death

Released: 2024-02-17

Channel: Gordinator

I play The Sims 3, but nothing goes well for me.

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A mostly-pixelated scam email, with the text 'I am not doing terrorism and I am not doing fraud' highlighted

I Am Not Doing Fraud (Scambaiting)

Released: 2023-09-28

Channel: Gordinator

My first ever video, and also my most well-received.

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