Privacy Policy

Updated: 2024-06-09


Data We Collect

We do not collect any data about you. We do not set cookies, use JavaScript of any kind (or directly embed web pages that do either), and we do not use trackers, web beacons, fingerprinting, or other such tools. We do not have access to any connection logs that can identify you, and we cannot hand over any data about you to any external agency, company, government body, or otherwise.

Third-Party Services

We use some third-party services to make sure our website and services remain operational.

Codeberg Pages

We use Codeberg Pages to host our website. As such, usage of our website is subject to the Codeberg Privacy Policy.


We use Cloudflare as a DNS provider for, amongst other services, DNS, analytics, DDoS protection, and more. As such, usage of our services is subject to the Cloudflare Privacy Policy.

Updates To This Document

We maintain a date of most recent update for this privacy policy. It is prominently displayed at the top of this document as well as the homepage in year-month-date format.

Because we do not collect any contact information, we cannot send out notices when we update our privacy policy.