I am a programmer, game designer, and general nerd. I wrote this website myself, in case you're asking.

What I Use


CPU: Intel i3-3220

GPU: Integrated Graphics

RAM: 24 GB*

Storage: 256 GB SSD


Operating System: Arch Linux

Window Manager: Hyprland

Web Browser: Librewolf

Text Editor: Neovim (With NvChad)

Terminal: alacritty

Email Client: Mozilla Thunderbird

BitTorrent Client: qBitTorrent

IRC Client: HexChat

Programming/Markup Languages

Python: Very proficient

TeX: Moderately proficient

Markdown: Very proficient

C#: Proficient

HTML: Moderately proficient

CSS: Can edit

Contact Me

To contact me, you can use email.

If you wish to use enrypted mail, my PGP key is available.

I do not accept S/MIME-encrypted emails, because S/MIME has major security issues and I can't trust centralised cert authorities with my data.

DO NOT trust centralised key lookup sites, as they do not verify that the key publisher is who they say they are.

* 24GB of ram is 100% overkill for what I do, but I got 2 8GB sticks for free and I'm not saying 'no'. RAM isn't the bottleneck for my computer's performance, especially when it uses <1GB of the stuff when idling.